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Our Mission


NYC Brownstone is a full service building maintenance and re-modelng company. We specialize in the maintenance and renovations of brownstones, luxury apartments, townhouses, residential buildings and investment properties in New York City. Our comprehensive and unique maintenance programs aim to preserve and maintain all of the systems in your home while preventing future breakdowns. As an industry leader, NYC Brownstone offers the best solution to maintaining your home at competitive prices. Our commitment to excellence makes NYC Brownstone "the best friend your house will ever have".


What We Do


Our property management and maintenance programs are the cheapest, yet most effective ways to maintain and repair any small building or apartment in NYC. With our custom and standard monthly maintance packages, your home will be attended to with immense care and expertise. 



Why We Make Cents


We are NOT a referral service or middle man. NYC Brownstone employees are uniformed, friendly and highly skilled in many areas, which include: carpentry, electrical, HVAC and plumbing. We cross train and supervise our employees and offer a variety of services under one roof; eliminating the redundant insurance, overhead, and profit cost of dealing with a referral network.


Our Expertise


Founder and President Jack Kaltner brings a unique and comprehensive knowledge of the industry to our business. For over 30 years, he has successfully renovated and maintained some of the finest homes, brownstones, town-houses, and luxury apartments in and around Manhattan.

About Us

Charitable Work

We perform a lot of charitable handyman and maintenance work for Fraternite Notre Dame, a soup kitchen in Harlem. They are located at 2290 1st Ave, right across from Patsy's Pizzeria. If anyone would like to donate food, clothes, furniture, etc to this soup kitchen, we will be more than happy to pick it up with our panel truck, and deliver it to the soup kitchen free of charge.

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