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Our Whole Home Maintenance Agreement Will Save You a Lot of Time and Money: Heres Why


     We at NYC Brownstone recognized the need to put all of the routine maintenance services needed by homeowners into a single simple agreement. We recognized the plight of homeowners trying to be quazi general contractors dealing with 6-8 separate vendors to maintain their home. A vendor for; air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electricity, water filters, exterminating, carpet cleaning, window washing, irrigation & landscaping, snow shoveling, elevators, appliance repair, and the plethora of city inspections your property requires.  These separate vendors each come with their own OH&P, insurance and supervision. These are significant redundant charges, which require additional scheduling, communication and payment.  

     In addition to this hassle of dealing with all these separate vendors, homeowners were not getting important services like dryer vent cleaning, water filters on appliances changed, gutters & drains cleaned, stone counters cleaned and sealed, shower grout checked, or any of our other necessary services. All homes need these maintenance agreements. These agreements save a lot of time and money, and come with an end of day communication to inform you of what was done in your house, as well notes about any ordered parts or further services.

     In short this service is a bargain at any price – saving you huge time, money and aggravation. You will feel the relief of knowing the responsibility for the care of your home is in the hands of the “best friend your house will ever have.”

Our comprehensive and unique maintenance programs aim to preserve and maintain all of the systems in your home while preventing future breakdowns.  As an industry leader, NYC Brownstone offers the best solution to maintaining your home at competitive prices. Good maintenance does not cost, it pays.


  • HVAC system Inspection, maintenance & repair

  • Water filter Installation, Maintenance & replacment 

  • Cleaning of gutters and drains

  • Cleaning of AC and heating grills, ducts and registers

  • Cleaning, re-sealing & re-grouting of  stone 

  • Power washing & window cleaning

  • Landscaping 

  • Irrigation Installation, Maintenance & Repair. 

  • Extermination

  • Cleaning of all appliance motors, compressors & ventilation systems

  • And many more...

In addition to our top of the line maintenance service, NYC Brownstone also offers a handyman service that is beyond comparison. All of our employees are highly skilled and knowledgeable in several trades and can address any of your household concerns


  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Carpentry

  • Radiator trap and vent replacement

  • Power washing

  • Tiling and regrouting

  • Lock repair and replacement

  • Window cleaning

  • Wallpaper

  • Hanging paintings and pictures

  • And many more...

NYC Brownstone offers excellent heating and cooling services. Not only do our maintenance programs help to ensure your equipment is functioning optimally, but we also offer 24/7 emergency service in case your equipment fails and you are left without heat or AC.


  • Boiler installation

  • Boiler repair and conversion

  • Boiler maintenance

  • AC maintenance and repair

  • AC unit replacement

  • AC condenser recharging

  • Radiator trap and vent replacement

  • Heating and AC duct and vent cleaning

  • And many more...

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