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Our Mission

NYC Brownstone is a full service building maintenance company. We specialize in the maintenance of brownstones, luxury apartments, townhouses, residential buildings and investment properties in New York City. Our comprehensive and unique maintenance programs aim to preserve and maintain all of the systems in your home while preventing future breakdowns. As an industry leader, NYC Brownstone offers the best solution to maintaining your home at competitive prices. Our commitment to excellence makes NYC Brownstone "the best friend your house will ever have".

What We Do

Our property management and maintenance program is the most efficient ways to maintain and repair any small building or apartment in NYC. With our custom and standard monthly maintenance packages, your home will be attended to with immense care and expertise.

Our Expertise

Jack Kaltner, Founder and President, brings a unique and comprehensive knowledge of the industry to our business. For over 30 years, he has successfully renovated and maintained some of the finest homes, brownstones, town-houses, and luxury apartments in and around Manhattan.

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