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Water Filters 

The underground water pipes in New York City are over one hundred years old, everytime they are worked on, the vibrations unleash sediment and particulate matter into your water system. This sediment clogs the screens of your faucets, shower mixer valves, and shower heads. It is because of this, we highly recommend a whole house automatic backwashing, water filter for all homes. It will in-turn save you on the cost of repairs, damages, and constant changing of filter cartridges on sinks, refrigerators, and ice makers. It also assures better water quality throughout the home. 


At NYC Brownstone, we have years of experience and are fully capable of installing these types of filters for your home in a timely manner. 

Heated Gutter Cables 

We recommend heated gutter cables for all buildings. They should be placed in all gutters, downspouts, and around drains. During the winter months, melting snow and re-freezing can lead to the formation of ice dams which can cause dangerous icicles to form and could thus tear the gutters from your homes. The best way to combat this issue is to run electric heating cables inside your gutters and downspouts. By installing these cables, your drains will be kept clear during the winter months. 


Ask for an estimate to install heated gutter cables



Furniture Pads

Stop Scratching your Floors! 

All furniture capable of scratching the floor should have teflon or felt padding on all legs to prevent causing scratches. We have seen many bad scratches that have led to the replacement of expensive material. Protecting your floors with furniture pads, is neccesary maintenance that all homes need.


Ask for an estimate to protect your floors.

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