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NYC Brownstone offers an exceptional Superintendent service.

Superintendent Services:

  • Take out garbage

  • Break up recycling (cardboard)

  • Put out all recycling

  • Clean up any debris in front of building

  • Vaccum all elevator alcoves

  • Sweep and mop stairwells

  • Sweep and mop basement floors

  • Wipe down laundry counters and mop floor

  • Check and change light bulbs

  • Clean out dryer vents

  • Clean out lint traps in dryers

  • Check all drains

  • Water plants on terraces

  • Clean all terraces and back yard

  • Clean lobby windows

  • Wash front steps and sidewalk

  • Power wash entrance and sidewalk

  • Exterminating

  • Change AC filters and service AC units

  • Check boiler and flue

  • Mop lobby

  • Keep garbage chute areas clean

  • Dust lobby

  • General handyman service at a discounted rate

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