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Announcing NYC BeachHouse!
We now offer our services throughout the Hamptons.
Visit for more information.
This Month


Spring Cleaning:

It's that time a year again. Spring Cleaning has oficially begun. In March we start our duct cleaning and service for the indoor AC air handlers.  If you can't recall the last time you had your ducts's probably time for an appointment as the air quality in your home starts here.  Check out some of our common Spring Cleaning Items:

*Damp wiping of all horizontal surfaces and tops of door and window moldings

*Vacuuming of drapes and furniture

*Carpet cleaning and spot cleaning

*Window washing

*Powerwashing front and back yard

*AC service, drain clearing, vacuum all vents and grills, change filters

*Duct cleaning

*Gardening and landscaping

*Masonry repairs

*Basement cleanouts

*Clean all gutters and drains

*Inspect all outdoor caulking and painted surfaces

*inspect window sills

*Clean off roof and inspect seams

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet and Spot Cleaning

  • NYC Brownstone is now proud to offer top-of-the line carpet and fabric cleaning service. With a new state of the art carpet extractor and cleaning machine, we can save you the hassel and expense of sending your carpets out to cleaning services only to get your carpet back 2 weeks later.

Did You Know


Washing Machine and Appliance Hoses

  • Did you know that all washing machine and appliance hoses should be changed every few years to protect against cracking and leaking? At NYC Brownstone, we include bi-annual inspections of all appliances in your home to protect against future breakdowns and damages. When the time comes, we will also replace any hoses as needed.

What's In The Works?


High Range Double Bucket Truck


NYC Brownstone has recently added a High Range Bucket Truck to our fleet of fully wrapped and branded vehicles. This truck allows us access to every corner of the front of your building, under 65 ft. Please see below for a full list of the Bucket Truck services we offer:


  • Clean, seal and stain buildings

  • Power wash entire building

  • Recaulk, repaint and repair windows

  • Tree work

  • Remove vines from front of building

  • Change out AC units on roof

  • Cornice work

  • Downspout repair and replacement

  • Gutter repair and replacement

  • Repointing and patching

  • Bird control solutions

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