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HVAC Services

NYC Brownstone offers exceptional HVAC services. Jamie Kaltner the son of Jack Kaltner CEO is the head of the HVAC Dept. He graduated top of the class from the best HVAC school in the country Ferris State University. We specialize in maintaining, repairing, and replacing the complex HVAC systems found in brownstones and town houses across NYC. We offer top quality maintenance programs for any type of home including luxary apartments, multi-family buildings, and townhouses. Our knowedgeble staff of techs provide top qualitly maintenance, however should a problem arise, NYC Brownstone has 24 hour emergncy HVAC services. Our experienced techs will quickly and accuratly diagnose issues, so can get your system back online as quickly as possible. Let the Brownstone team care for your system. Our HVAC services include:


Heating and Cooling Services:

  • AC Replacement 

  • AC Service and Repair

  • Air Purifciation Systems

  • Humidification and De-Humidification Systems

  • Duct work cleaning and Repair

  • Total home heating and cooling agreements

  • Boiler Replacement

  • Boiler Service and Repair

  • Boiler Oil to Gas Conversions

  • Water Heater Replacement

  • Replacement, Repair, and Installtion of all HVAC controls and parts 

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