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"Good Maintenance Doesn't Cost, It Pays"


NYC Brownstone offers the best solutions for maintaining your home. From top-of- the-line air conditioning service, boiler service, to the best exterminating in the business, we take pride in making sure your home’s beautiful finishes, fittings and systems are well maintained and functioning optimally. Below are just a few reasons why home maintenance makes sense. NYC Brownstone offers service on all of these items and more as part of our standard maintenance agreement

  • AC systems must be well maintained in order to ensure your system functions correctly when in use.  Coils must be brushed, filters must be changed and drip pans must be cleaned. AC equipment can lose its efficiency, use excessive energy and burn out quickly when not maintained properly.

  • AC ducts and grills must be vacuumed and wipe to ensure that dust does not collect and blow around the house.

  •  Boilers and heating equipment must be monitored and maintained to ensure your home remains well heated during winter months. Costly issues can be avoided with proper maintenance.

  • Heating vents must also be cleaned and vacuumed to keep the air quality inside your home at a high level. Just like AC grills and vents, heating grills can collect dust which can be spread throughout the house when the system is in use.

  • Your dryer vent must be cleaned at least once a year. When dryer vents clog, it greatly increases the risk of fire. Your machine will also burn far more energy and lose its effectiveness unless properly cleaned.

  • Extermination must be a regular, monthly process to ensure infestation does not occur. Once rats, mice and insects infest a home, it is a very expensive process to remedy the problem.

  • A very important piece of good home maintenance is the frequent cleaning of your homes gutters and drains. When your outside drainage system fails, it can lead to flooding, leaks and rotting of wood. The cost of cleanup will far outweigh the cost of preventing the problem all together.

  • Dishwasher strainers should be cleaned regularly to prevent water spilling out of the door.

  • All indoor sink pipes and drains need to be checked frequently for leaks before they become a problem.

  • Outside water lines must be turned off during winter months to avoid pipes freezing and breaking inside the home.

  • Your water filters must be changed quarterly or your water pressure and water quality will not be sufficient.

These are just a few examples of problems which can be avoided with a sound maintenance program. NYC Brownstone offers solutions to all of these issues and more. We even offer a restocking program where we take an inventory of all common heating and cooling parts and other household items, and we keep a stock of these items in case you need an emergency repair on a weekend or after hours.


Learn More about our top of the line home restocking program:



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