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Client Testimonials

  • "I moved to a Manhattan townhouse and soon discovered that I had a new demanding part-time job of chasing the many contractors and vendors required to maintain my home. It was a major pain, and came with many unforseen complications. NYC Brownstone has relieved me of all that burden."


  • "I have to tell you that I feel like my brothers came to renovate my home, and I must admit, I am not entirely happy that it is over and that you all will be leaving"


  • "I called NYC Brownstone for a new backsplash in my kitchen. I received prompt feedback and Jack came that same day to look at the work that needed to be done. The next day, I had a  friendly, professional, uniformed man show up with the materials he needed and he got right to work. I never thought my kitchen could look so good. I was extremely happy with what they did"


  • "I recently purchased a home maintenance agreement from NYC Brownstone and on the very first maintenance appointment, not only did they take care of the specific items for that month, but they also caught me up on any maintenance items I had missed for the rest of the year, free of charge. I also asked one of he guys about a light socket that needed replacing and a leaky faucet. I thought they would have to call someone else to come look, but the guy fixed both issues on the same day without calling anyone else"


  • "It is impossible to come up with a job that they cannot do and do it expertly, whether it’s fixing your AC or heating system, rebuilding your basement or putting up your outdoor Christmas decorations. One-stop shopping. The Brownstone team are a bunch of great guys who are totally trustworthy—you won’t mind having them around the house for a few days while they work on your home"


  • "All the work is done by an expert in the field... you can’t find that anywhere else at a comparable price"


  • "I tell everyone about Brownstone but I should probably stop doing that before they get too busy! But they deserve all the praise they receive, so I’ll pay it forward"


  • "The type of workers who take their shoes off before coming into the house... I’ve left them while I was away on vacation. Very respectful and trustworthy"


  • "The help is endless, it’s amazing. And it’s always a familiar face coming into the house"


  • "I don’t do any work on my house without talking to Brownstone first"


  • "Brownstone's one-stop-shop without subcontractors and administrationall fees have saved us a lot of money over the year


  • "Jack is hands-on and you always get him—on the job, over the phone, via email... you always know who’s on the other end"


  • "I’d be lost without Brownstone. The home maintenance agreements are a godsend"


  • "I love my maintenance guys. While they were here they resolved other little issues, free of charge"

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