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Chimneys and Fireplaces


The definitive word on your chimneys and fireplaces:


How to have a safe fire:


Your chinmeys, however bad the bricks may look, usually it’s just the top that needs to be rebuilt. We have long, speciallly designed cameras and can email you pictures of exactly what the inside of your chimney flu looks like. We know which chimneys are yours and which are your neighbors. We know which ones are for your boiler or water heater exhaust.


We can tell you which chinmeys can be fitted with fans tapped off of your AC electrical and only then can they be safely used as wood burning fireplaces.


We can also easily outfit most homes for gas fireplace inserts, which also require smaller fans. It’s usually not necessary to reline your flu and if someone suggests that, you should call for a second opinion. Most flues are 6”-8” square terracotta and companies reline them by putting round metal interlocking pipes that are much smaller and of a size closer to that of a dryer vent. When this is the case, your chimney can only be ever used as a gas fireplace. There are other ways to properly reline your flu in the highly unlikely event that you will ever need it.


We can rebuild or recap, clean and inspect any chimney in your home and properly advise you.

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